Chelsea State Bank

Chelsea State Bank

When Chelsea State Bank needed someone to step up as a marketing director they came to us. We have been Chelsea State Bank’s marketing consultant for over six years.

Over time, we have refreshed their logo, and launched many new marketing campaigns — Both traditional and digital. Today, we focus mostly on digital/inbound marketing, with some traditional marketing such as postcards and print ads. We also assist with Advanced Customer Conversation Training

  • Act as Marketing Director for the Bank
  • Create and implement Strategic Marketing Plan and Budget, including Inbound Marketing
  • Provide Advanced Customer Conversation Training including Employee Sales Guide
  • Create Business, Agribusiness & Retail Marketing Materials
  • Oversee product video production with Jeff Daniels and sons Ben and Lucas of 2188 Studio
  • Oversee Annual Report production
  • Create, Buy and Place All Advertising
  • Facilitate Product Development & Training Committee Meetings
  • Facilitate Bank Relations Committee Meeting
  • Facilitate Social Media Task Force
  • Introduced 9-Step Customer Care Onboarding Program
  • Conduct Brainstorming & Discovery Sessions with entire staff to determine needs
  • and Release all Bank Press Releases
  • Write Promotional Copy, Bank Communications and Marketing Materials including Brochures

Marketing Collateral

Below are few examples of the marketing materials we have provided Chelsea State Bank over the years…with the most recent first. Want to see more? Feel free to email us.