Strategic Marketing Plans

It’s amazing what you accomplish when you plan!

All marketing initiatives are created based on the goals developed in your bank strategic business plan. Most banks want to increase commercial and retail deposits, increase brand awareness and develop more profitable relationships within their current customer base and the communities they serve. Your strategic marketing plan will encompass all you desire to achieve, with a realistic plan of execution and a manageable budget.


We usually start with a Brainstorming and Discovery Session. In this session, we truly uncover who you are, how you are perceived in your community, where you are headed and what you want to accomplish. We then uncover many creative ideas for achieving your goals. These ideas are put into your first draft of a strategic bank marketing plan.

In the Brainstorming and Discovery Session, you can include just senior management, your entire team or a combination of staff or sessions. This session can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours and is very enlightening…and fun. These sessions truly uncover the power of your staff.

Your first draft of the strategic marketing plan is prepared for your approval. Once your plan is approved, we then create your bank marketing budget and build action items to make certain we have the people and the resources to execute your bank marketing plan within your desired time frames.


Your bank marketing budget is prepared based on your operating budget and the goals in your bank marketing plan. This budget is carefully itemized based on budgeted costs. A running total is regularly updated to compare budgeted costs to remaining costs. We always stay within your budget unless you direct us to cut or increase expenditures.

Assign Roles & Create Deadlines

Once the bank marketing plan and marketing budget are prepared and approved, we prepare your action plans assigning bank champions for all projects and leads for all assignments. Time tables are set and agreed upon and everyone is ready to begin.


Then…together we execute. We meet regularly to review your plan and make sure we are meeting our deadlines. We always remain flexible so we can make necessary changes throughout the life of the bank marketing plan realizing our economy and the ability to take advantage of conditions as they arise.

If your Bank does not have a bank strategic business plan, or it needs a little refreshing, we can create a simple bank strategic business plan for you, including a vision and mission if necessary, with measurable initiatives and action items. You will find the difference between our strategic planning – both bank strategic business plans and bank marketing plans – is that we keep them simple, focused and actionable.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you plan, budget, assign roles, create deadlines and seriously execute.

You realize your goals. And…we’re here to help.