Business Development Coaching, Mentoring, & Training

We offer business development coaching in a nonthreatening, lighthearted environment.


For some people, training can have a negative meaning, especially if they have been in the business for a while. Often your commercial lenders, business development officers and sales staff will require some training or a little assistance in refreshing their sales and networking skills. We will often start with a personal business plan for each sales associate. If there is a need, we can conduct classes or one-on-one sessions regarding networking, building centers of influence and creating profitable relationships.

In a personal business plan, we establish a personal guiding principle, a personal mission statement and individual marketing strategies. We can accomplish this for a group during a brainstorming and discovery session, or we can meet individually. We work at your staff’s comfort level. We then create action plans for each strategy with specific measures.


Once your associates have their personal business plan, we will coach to the plan. We meet regularly to celebrate their accomplishments, review their upcoming sales calls and discuss any other issues that might be holding them back from accomplishing their goals.


If you have new lenders and business development associates, we will mentor them to make sure they have all the business development tools and resources they need to meet their business goals and be successful in their career with your Bank. We meet regularly in person or by phone with set agendas for what they want to accomplish during our time together. We also give them valuable advice and easy-to-use tools for networking and building solid relationships in your community.

Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Tailored to Your Business