Brainstorming and Discovery Sessions

If you want to have a little fun and get a lot of work done…this Brainstorming and Discovery Session is for you!

We gather your team together for a 2 to 3 hour session. We bring our research, facilitation skills and creative thinking caps and let your team explore all their ideas. And they do have them…

In this session, we truly uncover who you are, how you are perceived in your community, where you are headed and what you want to accomplish. We then uncover many creative ideas for achieving your goals. These ideas are put into your first draft of a strategic bank marketing plan.

In the Brainstorming and Discovery Session, you can include just senior management, your entire team or a combination of staff or sessions. The sessions are very enlightening…and fun. These sessions truly uncover the power of your staff and creative thinking.

Through your Brainstorming and Discovery Session, bank talent is tapped, ideas are expanded, teams are formed or nurtured, ownership is gained and enthusiasm emerges. It is very powerful.

Our assignment with you usually begins with a Brainstorming and Discovery Session. This can be something we do separately for your Bank so you can implement your ideas in-house. Or we will continue our work with you to implement your complete strategic bank marketing plan.

We’ll Bring Our Research and Facilitation Skills to Help You Bring Out Your Best Ideas