Bank Public Relations, Shareholder Relations, Community Relations, and Special Bank Events

Building meaningful and trusting relationships is one of the most important things we can do professionally and personally. Therefore, creating and expanding top-of-mind awareness is crucial to building your name, credibility and eventual trust with the shareholders and communities you serve.

We help you build relationships from bank public relations to shareholder relations to bank community relations. And we will even help you plan for special bank events that put you into the public relations spotlight.

Public Relations

It has often been said that public relations is like free advertising. We like to make sure that your bank is promoted from a bank public relations standpoint as much as possible. So we will always be looking for stories and press releases that we can write and send to your local media and any other mediums that have the potential to promote your Bank, including the popular social networks.

Shareholder Relations

Shareholder Relations is an important form of building profitable relationships for your Bank. We take this very seriously, and help you communicate with them through bank quarterly reports, bank annual reports, press releases, links to your Web site and other pertinent sites. We will also explore using your shareholders to promote and grow your Bank. (See Fentura Annual Reports)

Community Relations

Bank Community Relations are another important means of building top of mind awareness in your communities and nurturing meaningful relationships for your Bank. First, we review all your sponsorship activities and make sure they are well-documented and budgeted. History is so important for exploring your future. We will also look at how you can expand or consolidate your sponsorships to gain more community recognition without spending more money. We like to consider sponsorships that have legs…these will truly bring you meaningful bank community relationships and solid bank public relations opportunities that last.

Special Bank Events

Celebrations are perfect venues to put all your relationship building skills to work. We will help you plan all your special bank events from grand opening promotions to anniversary promotions. We plan every detail for you. We look at your entire event. We explore your potential guests and target audience: your customers, shareholders, staff, the public, media and dignitaries. We determine your budget and how many special celebrations are needed for a particular event. For instance, for a grand opening of a bank, we create the celebrations for the public as well as the special receptions for particular clients, business associates and dignitaries. In addition, we create the marketing plan to introduce the new bank to the community. We make this fun, memorable and cost-effective.

We usually start by selecting a team of employees to champion your celebration. We will then conduct a Brainstorming and Discovery Session with this team to create your unique celebration. A creative brief is prepared describing every detail necessary and every team member responsibility to carry out the event. The creative brief also includes a calendar and budget.
Some bank events that we have helped plan include:

  • Kalamazoo County State Bank 100 Years of Caring Anniversary Celebration and Chili Cook Off.
  • Livingston Community Bank Grand Opening Celebration. See Summit Bank for Branch Grand Opening.
  • Summit Community Bank for Poetry in Motion Bank Sponsorship Event.

We Can Help You Build Public, Shareholder, and Community Relationships to Make Your Business Prosper