Sales Training — The 5 Step Process Wins!

Most of us who have been in sales for a while, love to talk about it! And if it’s our passion, we want to tell the world about it! What I find interesting, is that we all have a little different perception of what the sales process is today.

You can go to any business section in the library, bookstore or Amazon and there are hundreds of new books on Sales…and there are equally as many old books on Sales…that are tried and true methods and procedures – many dating back before any of us were even born.

I have been in marketing and communications my entire career – which now seems like my entire life! I have worked with sales people in every aspect of my career! But it wasn’t until 11 years ago when I started my own business that I truly understood what selling was all about!

I now understand procrastination – sometimes I just don’t want to make another phone call and ask for a meeting or business. I understand the process but still want to take shortcuts. I understand how important it is to build rapport. I understand rejection. But, I also know that feeling when you hit a home run!

So I follow my 5 steps to a Sales Process
1. Knowledge

2. Approach

3. Preparation

4. Presentation

5. Closing – Commit to ABC

There is a lot to selling – but with confidence – or knowing how to fake it until we believe it – and a process – it’s all very doable!