What You Can Expect from Us…Marketing From the Inside Out…First

SA Peters will look at your bank from the inside out…
We explore your business plan. We study your market. We conduct brainstorming and discovery sessions with your staff. We can conduct focus groups with your customers and the public. We look at your products, your services and most importantly what might work better to arrive at your goals.

We believe any new product introduction or marketing campaign is only as good as the person behind the counter selling it. So we conduct employee training to complement everything we introduce in your bank.

We believe it is more important to look at your share of wallet in your current markets and your potential share of wallet in your new markets. With your current customers, we make sure you are maximizing your marketing efforts internally before we ever start looking for new business. In new markets, we work with your business development staff to document all your possible circles of influence to best define your target audiences…for your bank.

Too many times, organizations look at mass marketing to bring in new business. And if you are Coke, Ford or Chase…you might be able to afford the dollars you will need to effectively produce and air your commercials or print ads to become a household word. But, as a small community bank today, I believe there are better, more cost effective ways to grow your bank…and we do it from the inside out.